10 Things To Know About Vagabond Ruth


 I do this because I love it. Creating and making is as natural to me as breathing.


Vagabond Ruth strives to encapsulate the spirit of each unique family and reflect that in a home that is beautiful, livable and ready for kitchen dance parties.   


 Vagabond RUTH makes stuff. I make bohemian baby quilts, blankets, pennants, tea bags, botanical paintings and mixed-media art. All reflect my love of color, pattern and creative whimsy. 


 I don’t do things half way. I am a determined do-er, give it everything I’ve got-er, an all heart in-er.


Vagabond RUTH is here to help. As a business I love to help people connect their inner self with their external environment. I aim to help people have a home that is authentic to their lifestyle and needs and story. As a person in the world I  am about acceptance, tolerance and radical kindness. 


 This is very important to me. I am committed to doing work that is authentic, creative and good quality. I want to make you happy and will go to the nth degree to do my job well. Please let me know if there is any way you are dissatisfied or if there is something I can do to fix or make something better. I will do everything I can to make it right.     


 Trust me. I get it. I have kids, a dog, college funds and a mortgage. We are all trying to make a go of it and doing our very best. I aim to do a job according to your vision and at a budget you are comfortable with. I have a knack for finding diamonds in the rough and mine the beauty out of things that may have lost their luster. My own home is a treasure trove of items found at stores, flea markets, garage sales and perhaps on the street in San Francisco. Know that I will do my best work for you and will stay within whatever budget you have. Frankly, I enjoy the challenge.  


This is real. The whole Vagabond RUTH spirit is me and my little crew. My house is a space created to be shared with kids, dogs and friends/family over for wine. My kids regularly run errands with me in full costume and we consider ourselves connesuirs of bubbles and popsicles*. We love art, travel, music, friends and fun. We are Vagabond. My grandmother, Ruth, was about family, food and simply made everything beautiful. Vagabond Ruth.

 *We have tantrums, picky eaters, bickering and meltdowns, too. I promise.  


 I tell you this as your friend. I am working with you because I like you. I will be honest, direct and kind. If I recommend something its because I think it will help you. Know that this is the heart with which I approach our work together 


I may not be for you. Or maybe I am. Vagabond Ruth is for you if you are looking to breathe fresh life into your home, need a little help or just want to see how to use what you have in new ways. Vagabond Ruth aims to be a bridge between your inner self and your home. Vagabond Ruth products are for you in you want to purchase something unique, handmade and artful - no two pieces are alike.  The look is beautiful, clean, calm, and cozy.