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You know those rooms you see in magazines and catalogs that are stylish yet lived-in, organized while being family-friendly, beautiful, cozy, warm and full of life?  

Well, I can do that.  I can make that room for you.  And I work like lightening.  

Let's do it.  Let's Vagabond your home.  

I can't wait!  

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The Christmas School House Project - Before and After Pictures

I love my work.  I love how personal it is.  I love the opportunity to be creative.  I love that no two projects are the same and each day presents wild and wonderful opportunities and challenges.  

My latest project has been unbelievably fun.  A client approached me in late November and asked if I could transform her daughters shed-turned-playhouse into a school room.  Her girls, ages 7 and 8,  play "school" frequently and would love to have a playroom that was school-house themed. 

Would I like to do it?  

Why yes I would!  Per Vagabond Ruth protocol, we first cleaned everything out, keeping several pieces to be used in the new room.  Next we did a LOT of work at World Market (chair, rug, bronze side table and accessories, lamp, pillows) and Amazon (desks, chairs, blackboard, teaching supplies).  The craziest thing is we pulled the whole thing off in two weeks.  Christmas came early to this sweet little shed and, according to my client, school is now in session.

These are the before pictures..... 

And these are the after pictures.  

Shared Boy/Girl Kids Room Makeover - Before and After Pictures

My two oldest share a room.  They are 8- a boy,  and 5.5- a girl.  While we realize this current arrangement cannot last forever, we do plan on having these two -roommates their whole lives- continue to share a room for as long as possible.  It has worked well so far, but recently we felt the room needed a little tweaking in order to meet the needs of our growing kids.  Namely, both needed their own defined area, more storage space for all of their treasures as well as  desks for doing homework.  It was a FUN project but also a big challenge.  I wanted the room to feel functional, airy, uncluttered and equally respect each kids unique interests and personalities.  We needed also to work within a very limited space and budget.  

Enter.... Vagabond Ruth!  Ok. Check out my before pics.   

Not, bad, right?  It was a cute room, it just was no longer fitting the bill in terms of space and needs.  They really liked  their bunk bed situation, each person had a book shelf (clutter-y and breaking, but they worked for awhile), little dress up area, artwork, etcetera, but they really love their new room.....

Annnnnd after!  Sorry, the pictures are not so good.  I tried to make it like you are turning around in the middle of the room.  And I know it looks like my kids are posing.  They were not.  It was just one of those odd little peaceful moments that happen every so often.  I promise my house is a zoo most of the time.  

The details... well, the Vagabond Ruth philosophy means I reuse as much as I can and only buy what is needed.  What I needed ended up being the storage shelves from Target (by Threshold, bolted together AND firmly secured to the wall), storage boxes (5 for each kiddo), beds and chairs (Amazon, baby), and desks (again Target, by Pillowfort).   I reused bedding, artwork, and stuffed animal storage. 

 Most importantly, the kids love it.  They like to go in their rooms to work at their desks and each has their own bit of space.  Amazon and Target needed up being very cost effective (and delivered) so I did it all at a pretty low price.  I love a little challenge!

What clients are saying

Ninon is a great listener.  She took the time to get to know what my son treasured in his bedroom.  She created a fun and cozy space that represented him.  Ninon also designed it in such a way that it is easy to stay clean & organized.  It is a win/ win for me and my son!  

Ninon can turn a jumbled mess into a beautiful serene space in a matter of just a few hours.  She approaches the work with the care of a mom while making it look designed and intentional.  Her approach holds to to use and is actually functional. 

The outcome I appreciated most is that I think about how nice my home is every day.  You helped me enjoy my home and feel proud of it.  A surprise byproduct of our working together is that I learned to be more organized- now that I have a place for things, I can put things where they actually belong.  So two outcomes I especially appreciate.  

Ninon recently did some touch ups to my home organization and design and she's incredible!!!  She has a talent for making a home feel so warm and personalized.  


I just finished a custom baby quilt.  Custom work, if I'm honest, terrifies me and I avoid it.  Voices of doubt plague my better creative instincts causing me to worry that my product

 will not match the vision of the customer.  

There is, however, something really special about custom.  While I'm planning, piecing and stitching the blanket, I love to think about the mama or daddy it is for- their tastes, color preferences and style- as well as the little darling who will enjoy the piece.  Perhaps they will put it on the floor to play? Maybe they will take it to the beach? Will they have pretend tea parties on it? It is definitely a good lap blanket for reading stories together. Regardless of how it is used and enjoyed I hope for many sweet moments together.  Each blanket, custom or not, is based on a singular moment of inspiration and contains bold color, 

wild patterns and a lot of wimsy.  Just like our little ones, no two are alike. 

 I so enjoy creating these crazy, cozy quilts and my hope is they go off in to the world and get a lot of love.  


A Vagabond Bridal Shower

So it seems like I cannot stop hosting things these days!  There's a shower, birthday or playdate to be had?  Why sure!  I'd love to host!  And truth be told, I really would.   It's kinda my thing.   I enjoy the creative opportunitiy to craft a (hopefully) fun time for people and make it personal and meaningful.  I love plates, tablescapes, menus and flowers.  Mostly though, I love bringing people together to connect and celebrate. This last weekend I had the honor of hosting a shower for a lovely bride-to-be.  

It was an afternoon tea and WILDLY fun to put together.  Check out some pics below.  

A Vagabond-y Art-Themed Playdate

My middle little is starting Transitional Kindergarten this year.  Our school has playdates throughout the summer so incoming kids can get to know new friends.  These playdates, while ideal for a more outgoing kid, are really challenging for a quieter more introverted person.  So we decided to make our own kind of playdate- on our turf where we feel most comfortable, doing what we love to do (art!!) and with just a few friends who might be feeling a little overwhelmed, too. We had a great time getting to know some new buddies AND loved every second of being creative together.  

Community Diversity Quilt

Vagabond Ruth in the Community

  Vagabond Ruth partnered with Mindful Littles to create a community diversity quilt which was on display in the Orinda 4th of July parade.

Families who participated in this lovely project each decorated a heart patch with words and pictures depicting what makes their family special. Vagabond Ruth sewed these gorgeous treasures together to form a giant American flag.

Vagabond Ruth was honored to be entrusted with this project and with the beautiful patches created by the families. 

We are all unique in ways we can see and ways we cannot see. Vagabond Ruth celebrates differences, honors diversity and prays for an inclusive and kind world. xox