About Vagabond RUTH


Vagabond Ruth was born from a desire to be creative and make things. When pregnant with my little girl I struggled to find decorations for the bedroom she would share with her big brother that I felt embodied the freedom, whimsy and sweetness I hoped for my daughter. The frilly pink fluffy stuff I found in stores just did not feel like “her” to me. I searched for items that were unique, beautiful and functional. While sewing together wild coral and turquoise fabrics with a vintage pillowcase embroidered with mustard flowers, 

I knew I was creating something only for my Corinne. 

This is the same mindset I bring to my work with Vagabond Ruth.  No two rooms, homes, families or handmade pieces are the same.  My reverence for individuality and uniqueness is present in each piece and every project.  

Niñon is Vagabond RUTH


  I am a maker, giver, creative, nest-building mama of three. Should you need me I can be found making something crazy with my kids, planting succulents in the ground, making dinner for whomever I can round up, or zenning out on my sewing machine listening to music a little too loudly. I have paint on my hands, leaves in my hair and stains on the front of my jeans from where someone hugged me after eating chocolate.   


Who is Vagabond?

Well, Vagabond is me.  And my children, whose creativity and imaginations delight me daily.  I grew up internationally and am inspired by travel, adventure -even if it is just taking a bus to a new place, literature, art, music, people and ideas. 


Who is Ruth?

Ruth is my lovely grandmother. She was there when I got my first sewing  machine on my 11th birthday and patiently taught me how to sew.  She was  a maker, creator, and a can-do kind of mama who, as I learned later  on in life, also happened to be wonderfully fun to chat with on the  phone.  My Gram was church, cherry pie, family and basically the spirit of goodness that envelops Vagabond Ruth like a giant hug.